Eliminates Erosion. 

Easy Installation.

Grows Green. 

ShoreFlex® eliminates unsightly Rip Rap and non-uniform poured in place concrete.   


ShoreFlex®  is a permanent erosion prevention system that can be installed to shield channel side slopes and beds, pipe and culvert inlets/outlets, shoreline, and all most any place you may have hydraulic erosion protection needs.                                                                                                                      

ShoreFlex® is a high strength geogrid encapsulated in a matrix of 5,000 psi concrete blocks (6.5”x 6.5”x 2.25”) spaced 1.5” apart and attached to an erosion control blanket or high performance turf reinforcement mat.                                                                                                                                              

ShoreFlex®  standard mat size is 8’x32’, but custom sizes are available upon request. Our packaging is rolled for ease of shipping, handling, and installation. ShoreFlex® installation is quick and easy, with a 11 lb/sqft weight and the ability to be permanently anchored in place, most installations can be accomplished with smaller light weight equipment.


Shoreflex® benefits for ditch applications:

  • Grows green, environmentally friendly

  • Easy install

  • Easy maintenance, capable of being mowed

  • Multiple erosion control uses: roadside, canal and ditch lining, landfills, let downs and more.

  • Performs better than rock. 





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